Holophane Car Park High Mast Retrofit

The 30m high mast in the Holophane Europe Ltd head office car park has been upgraded by retrofitting brand new V-Max LED luminaires. The Holophane high mast system is the most sophisticated on the market, offering a flexible, functional and completely safe system that can be used with a varying choice of different luminaire types and distributions, including cut-off options.

The previous installation consisted of 8 x 400W floodlights (total circuit Watts of 3.6kW) which produced a uniformity rating of 0.26 across the entire car park with average lux levels of 61lux. The recommended lighting levels for light, medium and heavy traffic car parks are ≥5, ≥10 and 20 lux respectively.

Being lightweight and slim in profile, the V-Max retrofit luminaires have reduced the head load and windage area and now consume a total of only 2.4kW electrical load. They have also dramatically increased the uniformity rating to 0.81 across the entire car park with average lux levels of 40 lux. As a result, this has massively reduced the bright and dark spots throughout the lit environment. This improves overall visibility, even with the reduced average lux levels, whilst reducing energy usage by 33%. The new lighting provides a welcoming and secure environment which encourages higher levels of usage.

The V-Max luminaires also provide a significant luminaire lifetime increase when compared to the previous installation. At 100,000 hours, this is 5x longer than the previous 400W MH lamps which only have a 20,000 hour life. Over the course of this lifetime, it would require 40 lamps to be replaced of the previously installed luminaires to match this, resulting in the additional benefit of substantial cost savings in both reduced relamping and associated maintenance costs.
Before and after

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