Giant Prismpack™ S

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Giant Prismpack™ S is big brother to the standard Prismpack™ luminaire, utilising 1000W lamps for applications where mounting heights exceed 10 metres or where particularly high illuminances have been specified. Giant Prismpack™ S uses the same prismatic glass technology as Prismpack™ S. All the tried and tested attributes of the Prismpack™ S luminaire have been transferred to the larger version. Giant Prismpack™ S is one of the few luminaires on the market today utilising a 1000W HID lamp combined with fully integral control gear, the combination of which results in an economical lighting solution for unusually high mounting heights.

Technical Data

High quality product
  • Durable
Prismatic glass reflector
  • Controlled light output
Venturi effect
  • Self-cleaning luminaire
  • Minimal maintenance costs
One kilowatt lamp source
  • Suitable for mounting heights of over 10 metres
Integral or remote control gear
  • Flexibility in mounting location
A Superglass luminaire
  • Utilises advanced technology
The luminaire shall consist of a prismatic borosilicate glass reflector sealed with a spun aluminium reflector cover, suspended from a gear capsule by means of two fixed lugs and over centre latches to prevent accidental disengagement. The rectangular integral high power factor control gear shall consist of a single die-cast aluminium assembly suitable to operate a one kilowatt high intensity discharge lamp. The luminaire complies with EN60598 with an IP rating of 20. 
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