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IBH has been developed as the ideal one-for-one replacement of conventional lighting systems within light industrial, commercial, retail, warehousing and other large indoor spaces.

Technical Data

Thermal Management
  • Luminaire construction has been designed to move heat away from the LEDs and driver(s) to maximise luminaire life.
Exceptional Optical Performance
  • Bespoke reflectors that deliver two distributions (narrow and wide) to meet both horizontal and vertical light requirements.
  • Available with 6 lumen packages that are designed for a number of applications.
Complete Lighting Package
  • Can be integrated with DALI controls system.
  • Option for a 1 & 3 hour integrated LED emergency.
  • Attached PIR suitable for 360°, aisle and end of aisle, from 3 to 20 metres mounting heights.
Versatile Lighting System
  • Available in 2 sizes, depending on lumen package, that can be suspended, surface mounted or attached directly to trunking.
  • Trunking available with T-joints, cross joint or corner joint allowing full on site flexibility.
The luminaire shall consist of an extruded aluminium (6063 T6) body, housing the gear, with two bespoke aluminium end caps to ensure a rigid linear design. The optical arrangement consists of mid-power LEDs mounted to the PCB which are then directly attached to the aluminium body to aid heat dissipation by way of conduction. Internal, precision formed, reflectors optimize the distribution behind the clear lens (diffuse lens available as option) which provides glare control and LED protection. Rigidity of the optical assembly is maintained by the fabricated steel end plates. Luminaire is supplied with 1.2m flying lead.
Performance Data
Configuration Delivered Lumens Power Consumption Driver Current Projected Life of LED Module (L70B50 @Tq 35 ̊C)*
IBH.LM09X8 9611 79W 370mA 100,000+ hrs
IBH.LM15X8 15394 150W 675mA 100,000+ hrs
IBH.LM18X8 19223 158W 370mA 100,000+ hrs
IBH.LM24X8 24625 214W 500mA 100,000+ hrs
IBH.LM30X8 30788 296W 675mA 100,000+ hrs
IBH.LM33X8 33864 308W 400mA 100,000+ hrs
Lumen data is considered to be representative of the configuration shown, and may vary, with a tolerance on flux of +/- 7% (typical of LED manufacturers data) and luminaire power of +/- 5%.