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Energy EfficientIP40LED
The system gives full flexibility to place general lighting units, sensors, lighting controls and emergency lighting units into specific positions. With a combination of trunk lengths up to 5,058 mm and the ClickFast system it enables fast and easy on-site installation. 

Technical Data

Simple installation
Holophane Light Line system is a flexible and easy to install lighting system that is suitable for a range of applications and environments.

Position of lighting units can be changed as required on site.

Lighting units for general lighting, emergency lighting, daylight and motion sensors are available.
Flexible configuration
Trunking supplied with integral wiring versions with 5, 7, 9 or 11 cores available.

System optimization by using application oriented wiring, e.g. only 5 cores without DALI control and emergency lighting.

Trunking system can be suspended at a distance of up to 4m.

Suspension cable, direct ceiling mount or T-profile sections available allowing for flexibility during installation.