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Night time friendlyIP65

Muralux is a low wattage floodlighting luminaire, combining architectural appeal with lighting flexibility. A selection of five popular light distributions allows total control over the lighting design, whether it is overall wallwashing, highlighting specific points with a spot distribution or throwing light forwards from the luminaire.
Muralux has been designed to be slim in appearance to blend into its environment and can be used with a range of different lamp types to produce a myriad of light solutions.

Technical Data

Heavy duty construction
  • Durability
Compact size
  • Unobtrusive
Unique reflector designs
  • Versatility & maximum efficiency
Five light distributions
  • Suitable for a multitude of applications
Choice of lamp types
  • Versatility
The luminaire shall consist of a two piece die cast aluminium body, housing all integral control gear to suit a wide choice of high intensity discharge lamps. The castings shall be hinged and sealed together by a closed cell resilient gasket and secured by a single stainless steel screw ensuring IP65 is maintained. The optical assembly shall consist of either a spot, forward throw, or wallwash reflector, secured in position and complete with a clear tempered glass fully sealed to the front casting. The luminaire shall be suitable for wall mounting and complies with EN60598. 
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