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The TBHD luminaire is a linear indoor luminaire designed for a variety of applications and suitable for surface or suspension mounting.
Thanks to the state-of-the-art LEDs incorporated within the luminaire and the various optical distribution options, it meets the highest performance standards and provides exceptional visibility and uniformity.

Technical Data

Colour slate grey (RAL 7015) 
Distribution options
  • Extensive Distribution
  • Narrow Distribution
  • Asymmetric Distribution
Electrical Specification
  • CI => Electrical class 1
  • Power Supply => 230V (50Hz - 60Hz)
  • Power Factor > 0,97
  • DALI option available.
  • 3-hour emergency option available.(non self test) which delivers 1000lms in emergency mode
  • Throw wiring option available.
Note - electrical components of the luminaire cannot be upgraded or repalced
Extruded polycarbonate body, end caps and smooth satin polycarbonate lens in front of louvres and diffusers that deliver a 3 distribution options. Supplied with a cable gland, electronic ballast 230V. Fittings manufactured according to the EN / IEC 60598-1:2008.
Performance Data
Configuration Average luminaire lumens Number of LEDs Power Consumption Efficacy Drivers
TBHD.L014 1104 32 10W 110 lpw 1
TBHD.L034 2722 64 22W 124 lpw 1
TBHD.L054 5009 128 37W 135 lpw 1
TBHD.L074 6730 128 50W 135 lpw 1
TBHD.L084 7584 160 60W 126 lpw 1
TBHD.L094 9144 160 68W 134 lpw 1
Note: The specifications of the Holophane luminaire represents typical values. All descriptions, illustrations, drawings and specifications in the Holophane catalogue and website represent only general particulars of the goods to which they apply and shall not form part of any contract. The company reserves the right to change specifications at its discretion without prior notification or public announcement.


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