Connected Lighting is about more than just lighting controls, it is about providing value that surpasses the basic function of the illumination of the luminaire. A connected lighting system is able to provide all of the benefits of a traditional lighting control system while also providing so much more.

Features & Benefits

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Performance Tracking

Real-time data for the connected lighting system
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Management Optimisation

Control individual or groups of luminaires remotely based around your requirements.
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Advanced Lighting Control

Fully control the luminaire
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Fully Integrate with Other Systems

Compatible with 3rd party software
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Track and Maintain

Save up to 50% on maintenance with automatic failure reporting and analysis
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Parking Assistance

Sensors indicate where and when parking spaces are available
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Save Energy

Set timing regimes, scene setting, daylight harvesting, dimming regimes etc to save up to 80%

Interior Connected Solutions

Up to 40% of a building's electricity use is accounted for by lighting. Our Interior Connected Solutions enable smart luminaires to be controlled either hard wired or wirelessly and provide the user with a system that can be tailored to best suit their requirements.

Exterior Connected Solutions

Exterior Connected Lighing Solutions help to transform infrastructure into a platform to manage traffic, the environment and assets better. This is done by cutting down the energy costs and creating a safer and more pleasant environment. Regardless of the size of the installation, intelligent lighting will benefit you.

Connected Luminaire

The luminaire is connected to the network of the space and shares information about its status, operations and environment.

Connected Space

Connected sensors in the space provide shared information about the activity patterns, occupancy, environmental factors and daylight levels.

Connected Software

Connected Solutions management software provides an intuitive user-interface, luminaire control, accurate real-time data, automatic failure reports, map-based visualisations, power metering and location-based options.

Connected Environment

The Connected Lighting Solution integrates with other systems to create additional benefits for the user.