Up to 40% of a building's electricity use is accounted for by lighting. Our Interior Connected Solutions enable smart luminaires to be controlled either hard wired or wirelessly and provide the user with a system that can be tailored to best suit their requirements.

Features & Benefits

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Management Optimisation

Control individual or groups of luminaires remotely based around your requirements
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Power Analysis

Analyse power consumption of the installation
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Daylight Harvesting

Maximise energy efficiency with daylight sensors
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Track and Maintain

Automatic failure reporting
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Time Scheduling

Automatically turn system on and off due to your schedule
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Accessible through app or desktop software
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Occupancy Sensing

Reduce wastage by providing light where and when you need it


HOLOS Air, is a web-based, wireless control, monitoring and management system for lighting. It gives users the freedom to commission, configure and completely control their own lighting to maximise energy savings and reduce carbon emissions.

With specialist lighting software, written for warehouse, retail and sports lighting applications, coupled with high quality sensing and control eqiuipments, HOLOS Wired is the system to deliver maximum energy savings, whatever your application. From simple single cell, presence detection or push button operation up to full building control and monitoring system, HOLOS Wired will fit any project size or budget.

HOLOS Air Lite is based on the EnOcean technology standard that provides self-powered wireless sensors and switches and is an ideal solution for sustainable building applications. Powered by motion, light or heat, no cables or batteries are required for switching or presence detection.

Interior Lighting Controls Brochure