Formby, Sefton V-Max Installation

The seaside town of Formby in Merseyside has recently seen the start of an extensive replacement program of its aging street lighting stock.

The previous lighting was based upon 35W SOX lanterns with a total circuit wattage of 58W. The monochromatic light emitted from the SOX lanterns created a dim yellow environment where the streets appeared to be very poorly lit and colour recognition was impossible. There was also an issue with light spilling onto adjacent properties as the cut off of light was poorly controlled.

The new lighting selected for the retrofit programme was the Holophane V-Max luminaires, running at a total circuit wattage of 19W per luminaire, which were pre-programmed to a dimming regime that reduced the light output to 75% (12W) between the hours of midnight and 6am. The combination of thenew LED luminaires and dimming regime delivered the local authority savings of up to 76% over the previously installed system.

The unique design of the V-Max luminaire deploys convection and conduction to thermally manage the LEDs and drivers to deliver a long system life. Another unique feature of this modular luminaire is the ability to upgrade the LED chevrons as technology moves on – making V-Max future-proof.

Switching from SOX to an LED based solution in Formby has meant that visual acuity is greatly enhanced as the human eye responds far better at lower light levels to the white light emitted by the LED source, meaning that the increased lighting level looks even more apparent to the residents at night. The streets also feel safer and people are easily recognisable as they approach on the footpath where they weren’t before.

The precise optics within the V-Max lantern guide the light down more efficiently to the road/footpath and eradicate the stray upward light that was evident with the previous scheme, completing the list of benefits provided by the Holophane solution.

The new lighting system has been received very well with the residents of Formby and the energy savings and reduced maintenance costs have helped achieve further efficiencies for the street lighting team at Sefton Borough Council.

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