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A combination of Holophane Prismpack Superglass™ high bay fittings and HOLOS 2 lighting controls has enabled Mabey Bridge to reduce lighting energy consumption by around 27% versus comparative systems saving in the region of £14,000 per annum and delivering an outstanding project return of investment in just 18 months.

 A key requirement of the project was that the lighting design should incorporate the flexibility to accommodate changing shadow patterns caused by the movement of large structures while maintaining the specified lighting levels at all times. A second and equally important consideration was automated control of the lighting and provision to upgrade in the future as the building’s use changes. 

This combination of Prismpack SuperglassTM luminaires and HOLOS 2 controls not only supports the client’s sustainability philosophy, it is also delivering a cost saving exceeding £14,000 per annum in energy and maintenance costs compared to a traditional lighting installation. 

Project detail 

Mabey Bridges 25,000m2, highly automated, Bevil Mabey Structural Steelworks forms the cornerstone of the companies £38m investment into the growing UK renewable energy sector. Once up to full capacity the facility will employ over 240 people, working round the clock to supply up to 300 wind turbine towers and monopiles per year. 

To address the complex challenges of the ever changing shop floor environment, Holophane’s lighting designers worked alongside both Axiom Building Services and Mabey Bridge’s project engineers to fine tune the system, and achieve the final lighting design. 

The availability of Holophane’s borosilicate SuperglassTM reflectors on the Prismpack luminaires, offered a choice of light distributions to suit the exact dimensions of the environment. Individual assembly areas were modelled and the most appropriate light distributions were selected for each, to ensure that accurate light levels are maintained between the obstacles. 

The Prismpack luminaires, fitted with 400W metal halide lamps and dimmable electronic control gear, are installed throughout the main manufacturing area to achieve light levels from 300 to 500 lux, depending on the visual requirements for the processes in each space. 

Furthermore, thanks to Holophane’s unique HOLOS 2 control system, Mabey Bridge is able to take advantage of the high levels of natural daylight entering the space and dim the lighting accordingly, thus saving energy. 

With different lighting zones throughout the building being used for different purposes, the photocells controlling the daylight harvesting were positioned strategically, successfully delivering optimum lighting combined with maximum energy saving in each zone. With the advantage of each luminaire and photocell having its own digital address within the HOLOS 2 system, the building can be re-zoned without costly rewiring, offering the client future flexibility should lighting requirements change. 

To ensure these savings are met, the HOLOS 2 system gives the company the ability to monitor the key parameters of individual luminaires, allowing further opportunities for cost savings through learning and application of best practice. 


This project is characterised by the inherent flexibility that the lighting system delivers to the end client. This was achieved through a combination of specially engineered product design, advanced technology combining HID electronic control gear with lighting controls and Holophane’s customer focused approach, enabling the close cooperation with Axiom and Mabey Bridge’s own engineers to ensure a superior.
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