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Case Study: Oxfordshire Upgrades Residential Streetlighting to S-Line

A common trend on top of Local Authorities and County Councils requirements, when retrofitting and upgrading their lighting assets, is a not only a lantern that gives the requirement performance but also a lantern that in the long term reduces energy consumption and overall maintenance costs.

This was no different for Oxfordshire County Council who were recently looking to replace many of their 35W residential street lanterns across Oxfordshire County. Earlier this year Holophane worked with the Street Lighting Engineers at Oxfordshire County Council to find a suitable replacement that met all the requirements and performance characteristics – the eventual choice being Holophane’s S-Line luminaire.

To read the full case study of the project please click here.


Holophane project is shortlisted for the Lux Awards 2018!

Holophane have again been successful in gaining a shortlisted project for the Lux Awards 2018 this year being held in November.

Having entered the Industrial and Transport Lighting Project of the Year category our Haloprism installation at the impressive JCB’s Heavy Products site, in Uttoxter, was shortlisted by an expert panel of judges.

The impressive 450,000 ft2 production facility was retrofitted with the Lux Award winning Haloprism which has resulted in a combined energy saving of over 51% (303,800W reduced to 147,250W). This is giving JCB an estimated saving of up to £90,000 per annum in energy costs based on 5,980 running hours a year at 10p kw/h.

Forty projects across the UK and Ireland have made the cut, including retail stores, hotels, restaurants, theatres, museums, warehouses, bridges, offices, factories…and even a train. The JCB Heavy Products project will now be visited and assessed in situ by the team of expert judges. 

To see the full list of categories and shortlisted projects please click here.

Holophane are finalists in the Electrical Industry Awards 2018!

Holophane are proud to announce that we have also successfully gained not one…but two finalist places for the Electrical Industry Awards 2018!

Our Haloprism high bay luminaire is a finalist in the Lighting Product of the Year (lamps/luminaires Industrial) category and our Prismaspace luminaire has gained a finalist spot in the Lighting Product of the Year (lamps/luminaires commercial) category.

The 26th Electrical Industry Awards 2018 takes place on Thursday 25th October in the jubilant atmosphere of the Palace Suite at the Royal Garden Hotel, Kensington, London. Details of all the finalists in 2018 can be found here.

For more product information on Haloprism click here and for Prismaspace click here.


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Oxfordshire Upgrades Residential Streetlighting to S-Line

Oxfordshire Upgrades Residential Streetlighting to S-Line

Oxfordshire Upgrades Residential Streetlighting to S-Line

Oxfordshire County Council manages over 57,000 streetlights across the whole of Oxfordshire. In 2017 they identified several key areas within the county where the lighting needed to be upgraded.