Holophane Europe - Brexit Update 22. 01. 2021

The passing of the EU (Future Relationships) Bill ends more than four years of uncertainty as the UK formally left the EU as of midnight on 31 December 2020.

Even with “Non-Tariff” & “Quota” agreement between GB & EU carrying forward elements of the existing relationship in trading with Europe. There remain significant changes to the rules governing how businesses must now deal with NI/EU and UK borders to be managed.
Over the past eighteen months a Brexit planning team at Holophane have ensured all our paperwork, protocols and procedures have been brought into line with UK Government guidelines for a smooth transition into an undefined post-Brexit trading environment.  This planning and preparation, before Brexit was finally passed, was extensive and detailed. Now we largely have clarity and understanding of demands placed on manufacturers by Government for domestic and international trade.
Holophane Europe can fully reassure all existing and potential customers that we have complete confidence in the knowledge and expertise of our staff, partners, freight forwarders and hauliers to allow us to competently deal with the changes in import and export documentation and procedures with minimal disruption to day to day business through robust processes.
We are confident our supply of goods and services to our customers will not be adversely affected by the UK’s departure from the European Union and expect very little direct impact on the business, our products and our service offering. We will of course be diligently monitoring the situation during the transition period and adapting accordingly.
Holophane is proud to have manufactured lighting in Britain for 125 years this year and have adapted to many changes over this period. We remain fiercely committed to providing industry-leading innovative products, project solutions and customer service delivered by our dedicated and talented team of people and partners.  We are excited by the challenges and opportunities the post-Brexit market will present for our business.
Specific information requests regarding the impact of Brexit on customer orders or continuity of supply can be handled by our team at Milton Keynes and please direct your queries in the first instance by email info@holophane.co.uk or by contacting our Customer Service team on +44 (0) 1908 649292.
In conclusion, we are confident we are fully prepared as a business to provide a smooth Brexit transition during this incredibly tough time for people and businesses all over the world. We acknowledge there may be unforeseen issues that arise and believe any type of short-term challenge can best be met through a shared commitment to long term and sustainable partnerships.
As such, if you do have any questions or further concerns, either now or over the coming months, or just wish to talk through some of the key issues, please do not hesitate to contact the Holophane team directly.

Yours Sincerely
Luciano Sabatelli MCMI
Commercial Manager

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