Holophane provide lighting for the Kittybrewster Fleet Depot

The Kittybrewster Fleet Depot in Aberdeen is a busy workshop which services Aberdeen City Council’s fleet of buses and other municipal vehicles. Carrying out the maintenance and repair of a wide range of vehicles in a busy environment such as this calls for special attention to be paid to the lighting design to ensure that critical tasks can be carried out safely and effectively.


The original lighting was based upon highbay luminaires with 400W High Pressure Sodium lamps. The lighting performance provided by the HPS lamps was poor and needed to be improved. Exhaust fumes and dust within the environment caused the luminaires to become dirty over their lifetime and therefore the existing fittings soon became inefficient and energy was being wasted.

When the City Council introduced a new fleet of Hydrogen powered buses a special section of the workshop was created for the maintenance and repair of the vehicles. This section required new luminaires which were upgraded to LED highbay luminaries. Subsequent to this new installation the decision was taken to upgrade the entire depot with new LED highbay luminaires.


Consulting Engineers CCDP of Aberdeen were tasked with finding a suitable replacement and Electrical Engineer Kenneth Morgan of CCDP selected the Holophane Haloprism luminaire.

The Haloprism features a highly efficient LED source and the 400W HPS fittings were replaced with 163W Haloprism luminaires on a one for one basis - a saving of 60%. This immediately reduced the energy costs substantially and also had the added benefit of reducing maintenance costs too as the Haloprism has an expected life of 100,000 hours plus compared to the 400W HPS average lamp life of 28,500 hours.

The LEDs within the Haloprism luminaire provides a crisp white light with CCT of 4000K and good colour rendering of 80CRI which vastly improved the quality of the light within the depot. Combined with PrismaLED technology which delivers volumetric light that increases visual acuity, this aids the technicians with complex tasks and vehicle repairs.
The other main challenge to overcome was the dirt and fumes within the depot. To ensure that the designed light level was achieved and maintained into the future the Haloprism once again had the answer.

The semi-torus glass refractor utilised within the Haloprism has a very low static charge meaning dust and dirt particles pass over the surface of the glass rather than settling onto the optic. The heat produced by the luminaire is utilised to draw clean air through vertical ventilation slots in the heat-sink chassis creating a Venturi effect further enhancing the self-cleaning properties of the product. A simple wipe with a cloth is all that is needed to remove any dust that has settled on the luminaire optics.

The glass utilised in the refractor is fully recyclable ensuring that the Haloprism is environmentally friendly in use and at the end of it’s life.

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