Hopwood Hall - Holophane’s LED expertise brightens College car park

A new low energy exterior lighting installation from Holophane is helping Hopwood Hall College to reduce its energy consumption, running costs and carbon footprint, while ensuring a high quality of lighting. The design makes full use of luminaire designs that optimise the performance of LED light sources in terms of both lighting performance and cost of ownership.

Hopwood Hall College offers a wide range of degree and diploma courses at its Rochdale and Middleton campuses. In line with its social responsibility ethos it also has a strong commitment to minimising environmental impact. It was therefore important that the new exterior lighting at the Rochdale Campus offered a high level of energy efficiency. Extended lamp life to reduce the costs of re-lamping was a further consideration. 

To meet these requirements building services design consultants BCM selected Holophane luminaires fitted with high efficiency LED light sources for lighting a new car park area and also replacing existing lighting in other areas. All of the luminaires have been selected for their minimal upward light output ratio (ULOR) to meet stringent light pollution requirements.

The entrance road to the car park is lined with Denver Elite Bollard fittings, fitted with LED light sources to minimise energy consumption. The bollards are sited close to the road so the optics selected for this project are designed to maximise roadway lighting while ensuring there is no glare at eye level for drivers. The Denver Elite Bollard range offers a very wide range of optical configurations to suit their precise location. 

The main car park area uses Holophane’s Factor LED column-mounted lanterns that deliver 11,000 lumens and a combination of asymmetric and ‘long and narrow’ light distributions. Using different optical configurations has enabled the designers to achieve the required light levels with minimum energy consumption. This was particularly important as the fittings are mounted on multi-head columns to reduce the total number of columns, keeping car park bays as clear as possible. 

To address the College’s desire to reduce the maintenance costs of its exterior lighting, the Factor luminaires incorporate excellent thermal management to maximise the life of the LED light sources. This is achieved using the diecast aluminium housing as a primary heat sink with longitudinal, conductive fins to dissipate the heat. 

At the college campus end of the car park, perimeter lighting is provided by Denver Elite Wall LED fittings, which share the trilobular profile of the Denver Elite Bollards used at the entrance. Thanks to their high performance asymmetric light distribution the Wall fittings enable wide spacing to minimise the number of fittings used without compromising lighting quality. 

Use of fittings from the Denver Elite family at both ends of the car park has also helped to maintain a visually consistent design at ground level.

The result is a high quality lighting installation that fully meets the needs of drivers and pedestrians using the car park, as well as helping the College to reduce its energy and maintenance costs.
Hopwood Hall College

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