Nottinghamshire saving £1.5m per annum in energy costs with the help of V-MAX

Nottinghamshire County Council manage and maintain approx. 94,000 street lights in the County. Since 2014 an LED luminaire replacement programme has been rolling out to replace all SOX lanterns in the County.

The aim of the project was to reduce energy use and street lighting outages through-out the County giving the residents of Nottinghamshire an efficient lighting stock with fewer outages and reduced budget pressures for energy and maintenance.



Nottinghamshire County Council’s main challenge was to find a more energy efficient solution to the SOX lanterns that not only helped to save overall energy consumption but also lowered carbon emissions, reduced maintenance costs and achieved the target lighting levels. Any proposed lantern would need to deliver on all the requirements but also be flexible enough to be used across a range of road layouts.



Holophane & Nottinghamshire County Council Street Lighting Engineers worked in partnership to identify a range of luminaires suitable for the replacement programme. The chosen luminaire - Holophane’s award winning V-Max.

With its pioneering chevron modular design, the V-Max provides unrivalled flexibility, efficiency and optical performances, ideal for delivering the best performance for the range of roadway classifications across Nottinghamshire.

To date around 41,000 LED luminaires have been installed, with a mix mainly of V-Max V1’s and V2’s replacing the residential road lighting throughout the county. These luminaires have pre-programmed dimming schedules to Nottinghamshire’s requirements – dim by 50% between the hours of 10pm-7am. Full power lighting has been maintained in some areas with crime issues or night time accident history.

The change to LED has already lowered Nottinghamshire annual energy consumption by 12,000,000kwh, reducing the County Council’s energy bill by £1.5m per year, with total savings of £5.4m since the project began. It has also helped to achieve carbon reduction targets for the County Council with reduction of 11,000 tonnes per year.

The latest phase in Nottinghamshire’s project is to replace a further 13,500 lanterns in Mansfield with V-Max. This £3.2m investment will add further to the existing impressive savings made.

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