Scottish Water Headquarters

Scottish Water provides a vital public service, essential to the health of the nation. They provide clean, safe and high quality drinking water to 2.4 million households and 123,000 business premises across Scotland. Every day Scottish Water supply 844 million litres of safe, treated drinking water to households and take away 706 million litres of their waste water, which they treat before returning safely to the environment.

When Scottish Water decided to move out of Glasgow to a brand new purpose built building in Steppes the development offered Scottish Water a unique opportunity to demonstrate its commitment to achieving best value for operational costs, providing a great place to work and a flexible, sustainable development. The decision was taken to design and build the new site to be A rated for energy consumption (<14kgCO2/m²) and to have as close to zero carbon emissions as possible. The new building achieves this thanks to the careful selection of highly efficient lighting products used throughout the scheme whilst also maximising daylight, utilising natural ventilation and at the same time providing staff with a great place to work ensuring improved productivity and good staff retention.

M & E consultants AECOM contacted Holophane to help with the lighting design for the car park and the Holophane Factor luminaire was chosen to fulfil the task.

The large car park needed to be well lit to ensure the safety of staff working after dark whist at the same time ensuring that upward spill light was kept to a minimum as the site is located in a semi-rural area where light pollution would be very noticeable. The luminaires needed to have a highly efficient light source and a precise optic to keep the light where it is needed and the Holophane Factor luminaire with high quality 140W LED source and 93 lm/W efficiency ticks all of those boxes with ease.

Aside from its energy efficient credentials the Factor also looks very striking and the low profile body maintains a sleek look throughout the car park and sits perfectly with this modern piece of environmentally friendly architecture.

An average of 30 Lux is achieved throughout the car park with a superb uniformity of over 20% min/ave delivering a shadow free and even lighting effect. The luminaires are spaced at 35m along the car parking bays and at 24m apart across the carp park resulting in a highly efficient layout and the 4000K LED’s provide a crisp white light for superb visual acuity.

The Holophane Factor utilises the highest quality LED’s and drivers ensuring a long maintenance free life that delivers savings over more traditional lamp types such as High Pressure Sodium where relamping would be required.

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