The Leaping Man

Illuminated by Holophane
The sculpture was designed by artist Clare Bigger to commemorate the Olympic Gold medal won by Greg Rutherford at the London 2012 games in the long jump competition. Greg lives in nearby Woburn Sands and has been tweeting about the sculpture saying it's "Blooming amazing" and was quoted in the national press where he stated he was "Pretty proud of this. Amazing to be recognised with an artistic statue".

The sculpture itself is located on the Fen Street roundabout on the A421 in Milton Keynes adjacent to the new Magna Park development and stands at an impressive 8.7m high. Gazeley (the developer of Magna Park) funded the sculpture at a cost of £100,000 as part of their commitment to the local area and visitors to the town are greeted by the stunning artwork as they approach the city from the M1 motorway.

The lighting design team at Holophane worked on the scheme design and modelled the sculpture in 3D to gain an appreciation of how the finished sculpture would look once the floodlighting was implemented.

The lighting scheme comprises four Medio Anello Inox recessed uplights featuring a 70W HIT-DE Metal Halide lamp source which help to lift the sculpture by illuminating the underside with an even wash of light. A 2100 Medio Proiettore 70 HIT-CE Metal Halide floodlight adds drama to the lit effect by directing light up the inside of the supporting structure making good use of its precise 68 degree beam. To complete the lighting design a surface mounted Soulo Proiettore 3600 projector with 150W HIT-CE lamp source and focused 24 degree beam was added to accentuate the chest of the leaping man himself.

The lighting transforms this interesting and inspiring sculpture into a glowing tribute to a great athlete once dusk falls and serves as a superb focal point for people entering Milton Keynes by night.

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