V-Max Wins International Award

Holophane’s landmark, ultra slim, V-Max™ luminaire has won the prestigious ‘Outdoor Product of the Year’ award at the ‘Light Middle East Awards 2014’ held in Dubai. The pioneering modular design of V-Max™ has been developed to create a fully scalable, maintainable and upgradable luminaire that can be used for a vast array of street lighting applications, ranging from residential and pedestrian to trunk road / dual carriageway and high mast lighting applications.

This flexibility is possible because of its revolutionary design, consisting of individual IP66 rated LED Chevrons that can be added to the IP66 rated gear chamber to suit the desired application, with lumen packages ranging from 2,000 – 29,000 lumens. The modularity and the ‘plug and play’ ability of the individual Chevrons also makes the luminaire future proof, meaning the luminaire can be upgraded with ease in-situ. As LED efficiency improves, so can your luminaire!

The modular design further helps to deliver maximum heat dissipation from the critical electronic components. This is achieved because the heat generated by each individual Chevron causes air to pass through the channels between each Chevron. V-Max™ utilises and benefits from all three heat transfer principles, conduction, convection and radiation to ensure that the luminaire is thermally managed to provide maximum system life (100,000 + hours).

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