Wallpackette III

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Wallpackette III has been precision engineered utilising proven optical performance to illuminate without glare. The precisely moulded prismatic refractor reduces luminaire brightness whilst controlling and directing the maximum amount of light downwards, forwards and sideways to create a uniform horizontal illuminance.
With considerable attention given to vandalism, Wallpackette III is supplied as standard with a tough, durable prismatic polycarbonate front cover, which deters vandals and protects the luminaire from impact damage.

Technical Data

Robust construction
  • Durability
Tough prismatic refractor
  • Maximum efficiency & low glare
  • Vandal resistant
Wide spacing characteristics
  • Cost savings due to reduced number of luminaires
Emergency lighting versions
  • Improved security
The luminaire shall consist of a die-cast aluminium body, housing integral control gear to suit a wide choice of high intensity discharge or compact fluorescent lamps. 

The body shall also contain a contoured aluminium reflector used in conjunction with the prismatic one-piece injection moulded polycarbonate or acrylic optical assembly. A sprung latch assembly exerts uniform pressure on the gasket all round ensuring IP65.

The luminaire shall be suitable for wall mounting and complies with EN60598, with a choice of options and accessories.
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