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CityMax Large combines a sleek contemporary design with exceptional technical performance. The CityMax Large luminaire has been engineered as a retrofit solution for existing 250W, 400W & 600W SON & metal halide installations typically seen in retail parks, amenity areas, town squares and car parks. With the latest in high efficiency LED technology and glass optics we have created a highly efficient LED light engine system that delivers energy savings, low glare appearance and exceptional visual acuity.

Technical Data

Thermal Management
Engineered to deliver exceptional thermal management via conduction and convection which ensures heat is taken away from the light engine to deliver a system life of 100,000 hours L70B50.
The inner housing contains the electronic drivers and ‘smart’ control nodes that deliver the complete controllable lighting solution. Access to the housing is tool-less allowing ease of access during installation and for maintenance in the future.
Prismatic Glass Pods
Available with either 6, 8 or 10 optical pods to deliver the desired distribution and lumen package. Recessed within the housing to mitigate upward light.
Mounting Options
Direct post top mount (76mm, 101mm* or 127mm*) ensures ease of retrofit to existing columns. Also available as part of a complete column and luminaire solution.
*Accessory required
The luminaire shall consist of six, eight or ten prismatic glass refractors manufactured from borosilicate glass to ensure longevity and minimise dirt depreciation. Each glass lens houses an array of LEDs and creates individual optical pods. Each optical pod is housed in a ventilated chamber and finned housing manufactured from aluminium to maximise heat transfer.

The electrical housing consists of an aluminium body containing the drivers, electrical termination and has been developed to ensure ‘smart’ control devices can be integrated. The luminaire chassis and electrical housing utilises all three heat transfer mechanisms of conduction, convection and radiation to ensure that the LEDs and electronic drivers are thermally managed.

3000K or warmer must be selected for IDA dark sky certification.
Performance Data
Configuration Delivered Lumens Power Consumption Driver Current Projected Life of LED Module (L70B50 @Tq 25°C)*
BCL.LA204 21835 148W 680mA 100,000 hrs
BCL.LA254 25288 177W 800mA 100,000 hrs
BCL.LA304 29167 197W 680mA 100,000 hrs
BCL.LA354 35934 253W 850mA 100,000 hrs
BCL.LA404 42056 295W 800mA 100,000 hrs
Note: The specifications of the Holophane luminaire represents typical values. All descriptions, illustrations, drawings and specifications in the Holophane catalogue and website represent only general particulars of the goods to which they apply and shall not form part of any contract. The company reserves the right to change specifications at its discretion without prior notification or public announcement.