High Mast

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The Holophane high mast system is easily the most sophisticated on the market. Flexible, functional and completely safe, the system can be used with a choice of four different luminaire types offering total flexibility of light distribution, including cut-off options. 
The latched raise and lower system utilises heavy duty stainless steel cables in conjunction with three continuous contact iris action guide arms on the lowering ring, allowing all maintenance to be carried out at ground level using a portable power tool connected to the mast supply. The extended remote control facility permits the operator to stand up to six metres from the base of the column.

Technical Data

Precise light control
  • Maximum efficiency & low glare
Choice of light distributions
  • Maximum efficiency and uniformity for any application
Zero upward light option
  • 'night time friendly'
Versatile mounting arrays
  • Flexibility
Safe dependable raise and lower system
  • Ground level maintenance
Remote control portable power tool
  • Easy maintenance
Positive fail-safe latching
  • Eliminates tension on hoisting cables