WINNER – HEA Awards 2014
V-MAX™ is a landmark LED luminaire characterised by its efficiency and revolutionary form. With a pioneering modular design the luminaire has been engineered with an approach that subdivides the luminaire system creating a fully scalable, maintainable and upgradeable luminaire that can be used for a range of street lighting applications.

Technical Data

Revolutionary Design
  • Unique ultra slim design which allows 1 to 8 LED chevrons to be assembled to the gear chamber dependent on the required lighting performance thus ensuring visual and performance consistency for a variety of street lighting schemes.
  • Plug and play LED chevrons that can be upgraded easily in situ, as LED efficiency improves.
  • Suitable for post top or side entry mounting without the requirement for an additionalbracket.
Enhanced Thermal Management
  • Designed to ensure that the LED chevrons are mounted to the aluminium spine with an air channel between each chevron to allow convection.
  • Each LED chevron has been designed to act as its own independent heatsink - thus conducting and radiating heat away from the critical LED components. 
High efficiency LED Technology
  • High quality, highly efficient, LEDs used in conjunction with the latest LED drivers ensures that superior lumen per watts and a long system life are achieved.
Fully Controllable Luminaire
  • Developed to offer standalone flexibility for constant lumen output, variable lighting levels and part time regimes.
  • Available with DALI controls option.
The luminaire consists of a die cast LM6 aluminium housing ((EN AC-44100) (AL.Si12)) which is sealed to IP66 with a closed cell gasket and M5 stainless steel fastener that also allows access to the gear cover for electrical termination. Metal core LED boards are mounted directly to the die cast LM6 aluminium ((EN AC-44100)(AL.Si12)) chevron to aid heat dissipation. Each IP66 LED chevron is connected to the main housing via gasketed (co-molded to PMMA 825T with TPE Versaflex OM 9-802CL) plug and play connectors and extruded aluminium alloy 6063 (AIMg0.5Si-T6) spine which will vary in length based on the number of LED chevrons. The 2x2 array of PMMA LED lenses are fused to a PMMA 825T overmold to ensure an IP66 seal is maintained. The luminaire is suitable for post mounting (60/76mm) and side entry (34/42/60mm) with the ability to adjust onsite by -10° to +20° tilt*. 

3000K or warmer must be selected for IDA dark sky certification.

*Restrictions apply on selected mounting options
Note: The specifications of the Holophane luminaire represents typical values. All descriptions, illustrations, drawings and specifications in the Holophane catalogue and website represent only general particulars of the goods to which they apply and shall not form part of any contract. The company reserves the right to change specifications at its discretion without prior notification or public announcement.