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WINNER – LUX Awards 2013

Performance through Technology - Taking high bay lighting to new levels of lumen output with superior light control. Haloprism™ fuses the latest in LED technology with the distinguished dynamics of Holophane’s durable prismatic glass optics. Combined to deliver the highest LED lumen package, longest system life and lowest maintenance high bay luminaire solution.

For over 120 years Holophane has enjoyed an enviable reputation throughout the world for expertise, quality and innovation in Lighting. Form the earliest days, when the company pioneered its famous glass refractor, the Holophane name has been ever present as a leader in the field of luminaire and lighting design. Haloprism™ is a continuation of this proud tradition.

Technical Data

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Unique Ventilated Design
  • Finned luminaire design with inner and outer perimeter chamber vents, utilises conduction and convection to ensure heat is managed away from the LEDs to maintain a long system life. 
  • Ventilated driver chamber optimises cooling by natural convection of air over heat sensitive electronic components and ensures dust build-up is minimised.
Exceptional Optical Performance
  • Incorporates PrismaLED technology which delivers a wholly luminous effect that accurately controls the output of the LEDs and reduces glare. 
  • Glass refractor technology with rounded ‘light blending’ prisms on the inner surface and sharper ‘light controlling’ prisms on the outer surface help to ‘blend and shape’ the light output. 
  • Five distributions catering for a wide range of high mounting height and spacing requirements.
Enhanced Lumen Maintenance
  • Low electrostatic ‘semi-torus’ glass optics and the vertical ventilation slots of the luminaire heat-sink work together to create a self-cleaning optical system. 
  • Glass optics proven to minimise dust and dirt accumulation over time, dramatically improve the lumen maintenance over life.
High Efficient LED Technology
  • High quality, efficient LEDs used in conjunction with the latest in LED drivers ensures that the best lumen per watts and a long system life are achieved.
Fully Controllable Luminaire
  • DALI (up to 3 x DALI addresses) and 1-10V analogue controls options available. 
  • Fully integrable into Holophane’s HOLOS system. 
  • Local control via standalone 1-10V infrared presence detector (HEL.PIR) - accessory. 
  • Plug and play controls connection.
The luminaire shall utilise PrismaLED optics consisting of three, twin-active, prismatic glass lenses manufactured from soda-lime glass (SiO274Ca011Na2O13) mounted with specially designed stainless steel deformable clips to hold the prismatic glass in place. The fully ventilated finned luminaire chassis is manufactured from LM20 aluminium (AlSi12Cu) to maximise heat transfer. The luminaire, with inner & outer perimeter vents and ventilated electronic driver chamber, utilises all three heat transfer mechanisms of conduction, convection and radiation to ensure that the LEDs mounted to the aluminium backed PCB and electronic drivers are thermally managed. The prismatic glass lenses are sealed within the main luminaire chassis with a die cut gasket that has internal wire pass holes to ensure IP65 is maintained.
Performance Data
Configuration Delivered Lumens Power Consumption Driver Current Projected Life of LED Module (L70B50 @Tq 30 ̊C)*
HAL.LA1548 c. 15000 143W 520mA 100,000+ hrs
HAL.LA2048 c. 20000 196W 700mA 100,000+ hrs
HAL.LA3048 c. 30000 271W 525mA 100,000+ hrs
HAL.LA4048 c. 40000 383W 730mA 100,000+ hrs
HAL.LA5048 c. 50000 519W 940mA 100,000+ hrs
HAL.LM1548 c. 15000 108W 350mA 100,000 hrs
HAL.LM2048 c. 20000 163W 525mA 100,000 hrs
HAL.LM3048 c. 30000 213W 230mA 100,000 hrs
HAL.LM4048 c. 40000 299W 325mA 100,000 hrs
HAL.LM5048 c. 50000 382W 415mA 100,000 hrs
HAL.LM5548 c. 55000 424W 460mA 100,000 hrs
HAL.LM6048 c. 60000 473W 510mA 100,000 hrs
Lumen data is considered to be representative of the configuration shown, and may vary, with a tolerance on flux of +/- 7% (typical of LED manufacturers data) and luminaire power of +/- 5%.
Note: The specifications of the Holophane luminaire represents typical values. All descriptions, illustrations, drawings and specifications in the Holophane catalogue and website represent only general particulars of the goods to which they apply and shall not form part of any contract. The company reserves the right to change specifications at its discretion without prior notification or public announcement.