WINNER – LUX Awards 2015

The High Mast Advanced Optix (HMAO™) luminaire has been engineered for new and retrofit high mast applications. With the latest in high-efficiency LED technology it provides a complete lighting solution for the simplest through to the most complex area lighting applications. The specially engineered optical modules come with a full range of distribution options to meet the highest performance standards and deliver outstanding visibility and uniformity.

Technical Data

Thermally Managed Solution
  • Utilises convection and conduction to thermally manage the LEDs ensuring longer life and high delivered lumen outputs to replace 400-1000 watt metal halide systems.
  • Gear housing designed to maximise heat dissipation, via conduction, from critical electronic components to ensure that they are run as cool as possible to deliver a long system life.
Exceptional Optical Performance
  • Glass refractor technology which delivers a wholly luminous effect that accurately controls the output of the LEDs, reduces glare with its ‘PrismGlow’, delivers excellent uniformity.
  • Rotatable optical assembly providing on site alignment of distributions to specific lighting requirements and ensuring equal weight distribution on existing mast head frame.
  • Five dedicated distributions designed for all types of retrofit or new installations where high mounting is required.
Enhanced Lumen Maintenance
  • Glass optics ensure a low electrostatic charge which make it less attractive to dust and dirt accumulation over time so improving dirt depreciation over time.
  • Ventilated luminaire chassis works together with the glass optics to create self-cleaning system which enhances the lumen maintenance of the luminaire over time.
Installation Flexibility
  • Suitable for side entry mounting via the integrated four bolt mounting system which also offers 0 or 5 degree tilt.
HMAO shall consist of six, nine or twelve prismatic glass refractors manufactured from borosilicate glass to ensure longevity and minimise dirt depreciation. Each glass lens houses an LED module and creates individual optical pods. Each optical pod is housed in a fully ventilated and finned housing manufactured from aluminium to maximise heat transfer. The electrical housing consists of two castings containing the drivers, 10kV surge protection and electrical termination. The luminaire chassis and electrical housing utilises all three heat transfer mechanisms of conduction, convection and radiation to ensure that the high density modules and electronic drivers are thermally managed. Mounting is via the four bolt side arm mounting with +/-5 degree tilt and suitable for 42mm and 60mm. 

3000K or warmer must be selected for IDA dark sky certification.
Performance Data
Typical Luminaire Performance
Configuration Delivered Lumens Power Consumption Drive Output Current Luminaire total no. of LED Modules Luminaire Efficacy Rated Life of LED Module (L70B50 @Tq 25˚C)
HMAO.4.LC30X c.30,000 180 W 565 mA 6 167 llm/W 100,000
HMAO.4.LC35X c.35,000 212 W 667 mA 6 165 llm/W 100,000
HMAO.4.LC45X c.45,000 279 W 878 mA 6 161 llm/W 100,000
HMAO.4.LC52X c.50,000 317 W 989 mA 6 164 llm/W 100,000
HMAO.4.LC60X c.60,000 374 W 787 mA 9 160 llm/W 100,000
HMAO.4.LC70X c.70,000 446 W 938 mA 9 157 llm/W 100,000
HMAO.4.LC75X c.75,000 486 W 1017 mA 9 154 llm/W 100,000
HMAO.4.LC80X c.80,000 502 W 792 mA 12 159 llm/W 100,000
HMAO.4.LC90X c.90,000 583 W 919 mA 12 154 llm/W 100,000
HMAO.4.LC100X c.100,000 658 W 1040 mA 12 152 llm/W 100,000
Lumen data is considered to be representative of the configuration shown, and may vary, with a tolerance on flux of +/- 7% (typical of LED manufacturers data) and luminaire power of +/- 5%.
Note: The specifications of the Holophane luminaire and columns represents typical values. All descriptions, illustrations, drawings and pecifications in the Holophane catalogue and website represent only general particulars of the goods to which they apply and shall not form part of any contract. The company reserves the right to change specifications at its discretion without prior notification or public announcement.