The Middlebrook Retail & Leisure Park, the largest in the UK, went out to tender for the upgrade of their exterior lighting and decided to use Holophane’s High Mast Advanced Optix (HMAO) LED luminaire.

Heather Crank-Ingham, the Marketing & PR Manager for Middlebrook Retail & Leisure Park said that “The main reason we’ve decided to replace the lights on the high masts is to reduce the service charge to our retailers and obviously to be more energy efficient. The Park is approaching its 21st year, so things were rather dated and we are trying to reduce our carbon footprint.”

The Solution


The installation consists of 9 high masts which previously needed 12 luminaires each in order to illuminate the Retail & Leisure park. Due to the improved energy efficiency and advanced optical control of our HMAO LED luminaire, we were able to mount just 4 or 5 fittings to illuminate the Retail & Leisure park. This resulted in a dramatic 75% drop in energy costs whilst increasing the lux levels by 30% across the park. The fittings are also wirelessly programmed to lower to 25% output from midnight to help save further energy. This has resulted in Middlebrook reducing their service charge from around £20,000 to £5,000 a year.

Heather Crank-Ingham also said that “The feedback that we have had from our shoppers is that it has made a massive difference and everything is so much brighter and more inviting in the evening. In terms of health and safety, it’s safer for our shoppers, it’s a better light for the CCTV systems for our security throughout the park. We are a mixed use development park and we have over 15 million visitors a year, so it’s important that we keep things up to date and the safety of our shoppers is paramount.”

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