WEEE Compliance

All Holophane products are fully compliant with current European legislation, standards and industry codes of practice. 

Holophane is a WEEE compliant manufacturer, which requires that the company having placed a product on the market fulfil its responsibility for the re-cycling of that product at its end of its life. To discharge this responsibility, Holophane has joined Lumicom the LIF WEEE Compliance Scheme who will, on our behalf, deal with the disposal and recycling of the waste in an efficient and environmentally responsible way. All Holophane products are also RoHS compliant which significantly limits the amount of such "hazardous" waste entering the environment.

WEEE Directive 2002/96/EC on Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment

Under the Waste Electrical and Electronic (Producer Responsibility) Regulations 2006 Holophane Europe Ltd's responsibilities, will be discharged solely on it's behalf by Lumicom. Via this scheme, Holophane is doing its utmost to reduce the costs of recycling to a minimum so that Holophane can pass the benefits on to you and society as a whole. The suppliers of the lamps that have been embodied in our luminaires have confirmed to us that they too have joined a compliance scheme for lamps and are similarly WEEE compliant.

This means that as from 1 July 2007, we will be including a recycling cost in our invoices respect of all non-household luminaires supplied. Lumicom is an open, approved compliance scheme that will charge Holophane a fixed amount on sales of all our luminaires and lamps at a "£0.20 per luminaire and £0.15 per lamp" rate to cover recycling costs.

Consequently, with effect from 1st July 2007, all Holophane quotes and invoices on or after that date will include the collection and recycling cost as a visible fee, which will be shown as an additional, separate line item on the quote and on the invoice. The WEEE visible fee will not attract any rebate or discount by credit note arrangements, although it is subject to the ruling rate of VAT.

From the 1st January 2016 Holophane's quotes and invoices will also detail our Lumicom producer registration number as WEE/BA0073UQ

For further information on WEEE please contact Lumicom directly on

Web: www.lumicom.co.uk
Phone: 02075 871542  
Email: info@lumicom.co.uk