Remote Support
Holophane will provide remote support to the customer who wish to change/update/create control profile, add remove devices, assign, or change control profile to the devices.

Enquiry Acknowledgement
Time to acknowledge the enquiry is reserved for control system issues and it does not apply to any other portion of service plan.

The end-user must contact Holophane in the event of a system issue on or call on +44 (0) 1908649292 between 9:00 am to 5:00 pm UK time (Monday-Friday except Bank Holidays). Upon contacting Holophane, the end-user must provide his or her name, the organization from which he/she is calling, and confirmation that the end-user is a service plan customer.

Enquiry acknowledgement time is when Holophane respond to the customer enquiry not when troubleshooting starts.

Remote Diagnostics
As part of a request from the end-user for troubleshooting a system issue, Holophane may remotely connect to the lighting control system to begin the diagnosis. Holophane may connect to the end-user’s networked control system via one of two methods.

1 Cellular enabled modem
When connecting through a cellular enabled modem, Holophane connects directly to the end-user’s lighting controls network without the need to interface with the end-user’s LAN.

2 End-user provided LAN access
When connecting through end-user-provided LAN access, the end-user, at its discretion, will have Holophane complete a security questionnaire and pass the end-user’s requirements to have LAN/VPN access. Holophane only requests access to the pieces of the end-user’s network housing Holophane lighting controls devices.

*Not all Holophane lighting control systems support remote connectivity.
*If the issue cannot be resolved remotely, an onsite visit is required.
Customer will have to purchase control system trouble shooting visit. Holophane will schedule a time (between 9am and 5pm local end-user time) to conduct the visit.

Annual System Performance Check (Advance service plan only)
Holophane will schedule annual system performance checks for service plan customers:
The system checks are performed remotely. Holophane will connect to the end user’s lighting control system network to pull the latest log files, database, etc. for investigation. The checks include investigation and reporting back to the end-user of the following items:

• Device online/offline status
• Availability of device firmware updates
• Device health status
• Gateway log review
• System log review

Upon completion of the review, Holophane will provide a document with the results of the performance check, along with recommended actions to ensure stable and predictable system performance.

Annual Energy Report (Advance service plan only)
Holophane will provide annual energy report to let the customer know their energy saving benefit through control system.

*To provide energy report the system (including control devices/nodes) should be online all the time and correct power data of luminaires must be registered to the system, otherwise energy saving calculation will be affected.


The following chart provides ‘included’ features for each service plan level.