The brief


The lighting refurbishment of the Milton Keynes Central Station concourse and overbridge required a total solution approach.  Holophane were able to deliver a project resulting in significant energy savings whilst combining lower maintenance requirements with a better quality of light than the previous Metal Halide and SON luminaires. Holophane’s solution was to provide, the latest in LED technology, Haloprism™ high bay luminaires for the concourse, LEDlightpipe® EVO for the overbridge and Prismashield for the stairs to the platforms – all of which are controlled by a HOLOS2 control syetem to maximise efficiency.

The Solution


Haloprism™ was chosen for the concourse area due to its high performance and high efficiency lumen output as well as its system longevity and very low maintenance factor.

Haloprism produces up to 104 lm/w and has a lifespan of 100,000+ hrs. A low maintenance product was required due to high accessible mounting location  – Haloprism was the ideal product with its self cleaning PrismaLED optics, and Patented thermal management system resulting in an extremely low maintenance lumainire.  The design of the semi-torus glass optics and the vertical ventilation slots in the heat-sink chassis create a “Venturi” effect where the airflow around the optics prevents dust particles settling on the glass as well as providing a cooling effect on the lumiaire. Add this to the already excellent thermal management design and long life of the luminaire and this equates to a much lower required maintenance level for the luminaire.

Due to Haloprism’s high performance, Holophane were able to provide a superior quality of light as well as improved lighting levels with 25% less fittings. This, coupled with our HOLOS2 controls, enabled the station to reduce it’s lighting energy consumption by an estimated 80% in the concourse area!

The LEDlightpipe® EVO was chosen for the overbridge due to the structure of the ceiling. It is an optical continuous modular lighting fixture with 1 to 4 tubes utilising 1 or 2 LED modules per tube, each with 18 LEDs per module. The LEDlightpipes® are Plug & Play connectable through the integrated cables, ensuring that significant savings on installation costs can be realized. The modular design of the program of the EVO is also applicable in environments where continuous lighting is not possible, as was the case with the overbridge ceiling. The fittings are vandal resistant (IK10+) and IP66 rated.

These fittings provide the lighting levels required and with the use of HOLOS2, are a highly energy efficient solution, offering an estimated 69% reduction in energy compared to the previous installation on the overbridge.

The Prismashield luminaire system was chosen for the stairwells because of its slim profile and vandal resistant design.  The use of infill panels allowed a continuous run on luminaires to be installed for a seamless appearance.

Overall, the new lighting installation throughout Milton Keynes station has reduced energy consumption by and estimated 73% compared to previous Metal Halide and SON installations. Couple that with the reduced maintenance costs and the Holophane solution has clearly put this station on to the right track for its customers.