In early January 2015 the new Travis Perkins regional logistics centre, located in the Omega North industrial estate near Warrington, became fully operational. Covering over 600,000 square feet, this is the largest Travis Perkins distribution centre in the U.K. Holophane products were selected to illuminate the huge main internal warehouse area, the external canopies and external car park.

As part of the product selection process, the project design team evaluated a range of products at another location before making their final choice. After a thorough and extensive trial period the Holophane DCR LED-based luminaires were selected for the interior warehouse racking area as they provided the most even, comfortable and controlled light coverage due to their advanced optical design. These were mounted at 14m with a spacing of 6m down each of the aisles.

The Solution


Holophane’s I-Beam was chosen for the open area lighting the product provided easy installation, long luminaire life and great spacing. These were mounted at 14m as well and spaced on an 8m x 12m grid. Des Whatton, Facilities Manager at Travis Perkins, said “the Holophane luminaires were also the lightest and easiest to handle of all the trial fittings meaning that the installation of the luminaires was a one man job and very fast”.

To keep energy costs to a minimum, the luminaires feature integrated sensors to detect movement and daylight to enable them to react to ambient light present in the operating space. By dimming down the lighting on a bright day and switching them off completely when the area is not in use, Travis Perkins confidently predict a significant reduction in energy cost when compared to a traditional HID lighting solution. There will also be significant savings due to the lack of maintenance required on the fittings.

The canopy lighting requirement was for efficient control with instant start-up, leading the team to choose the Haloprism LED luminaire. Mounted at 7m with 10m spacings, Haloprism features an advanced prismatic glass enclosure which ensures that the light is guided down to the floor as efficiently as possible whilst at the same time reducing glare to a minimum.

The car park lighting, presented a further challenge to the design team due to the close proximity of the site to the M62 motorway and associated stringent planning constraints. Des Whatton commented “The Holophane luminaires (DSX range) in the car park are dark sky compliant meaning that the light cut-off is very tightly controlled, which was a crucial concern at the planning stage. We had to avoid any glare or light spillage onto the motorway at all costs and the Holophane solution provided the ideal answer to this problem”. Mounted at 8m and spaced on a 40m x 48m grid, the DSX luminaires also provide outstanding spacing due to their excellent light distribution and efficient light control to the ground.

Once again Holophane have provided a complete LED-based lighting solution for a major project, showing that their comprehensive range of industrial lighting products is at the forefront of product design and leading the way in efficient, maintenance-free lighting.