The building was designed by Feilden Clegg Bradley Studios with support from Buro Happold. There are approximately 15,000m2 of floor space with four distinct clusters set around a grand central staircase within a full-height atrium.

In line with the University of Warwick’s sustainability commitments, the building achieves a BREEAM “Excellent” rating and an EPC A energy rating. Sustainable construction methods were used as was a low carbon cement substitute in the concrete frame. This saved approximately 265 tonnes of carbon compared to the use of conventional cement.

Like all new buildings on the University of Warwick campus built in the last 7 years, the Faculty of Arts Building has photovoltaic panels installed on its roof, generating green electricity.


What was involved

As you approach the building by day or night, the post-top luminaires are one of the first things you see. For lighting the exterior of the building and car park, the challenge was to find a sustainable luminaire which combined both advanced optics and engineering, but which also had the aesthetics in keeping with a centre of excellence for the study of the arts.

The Solution


At an early stage, it was decided to use the new SIGNATURE luminaire from Holophane. The design inspiration for the SIGNATURE was that it should be a sculpture by day and a beacon of comfort by night.

The slender, architecturally inspired, triangular arms not only give the luminaire a sculptural appearance by day but are also subtly curved so that reflections are redirected and maintain its visually quiet appearance by night.

There are three key features that make SIGNATURE the ideal solution where you want to combine aesthetics with sound “lighting-engineering” principles.

  • The LEDs are tucked neatly up inside the luminaire, so they are invisible to anyone outside the illuminated area. 
  • It has a uniformly luminous waveguide giving a soft, smooth appearance without any of the LED pixelation you often see with simple backlit diffusers.
  • The most important element in this visually comfortable luminaire is the patented transition zone which provides an intermediate luminous area between the brighter waveguide and the dark sky. This drastically reduces the visual contrast in view and the perception of glare.

To further maintain the comfortable appearance, the LEDs are available in 2700K, 3000K and 4000K. The 3000K and Warmer versions are Dark Sky approved by the International Dark Sky Association, IDA. None emit any upward light.

Three optical distributions are available to suit central mounted, perimeter and pathway applications. Arm mounted and bollard versions of the SIGNATURE are also available to provide a consistent visual theme whatever the application. Various light outputs are available ranging from 3,000 lm to 14,000 lm