Photometry Filter

Lumen (lm)Colour Temperature (K)DistributionPower (W)Efficacy (llm/W)IESBIM
5,8084,000Square Medium46125
6,7894,000Square Medium53125
8,5574,000Square Medium67125
8,0194,000Square Medium74125
11,5644,000Square Medium107125
5,7834,000Square Narrow46125
6,7614,000Square Narrow53125
8,5214,000Square Narrow67125
7,9864,000Square Narrow74125
11,5164,000Square Narrow107125
5,4434,000Square wide46125
6,3624,000Square wide53125
8,0194,000Square wide67125
7,5164,000Square wide74125
10,8364,000Square wide107125

Key Features

Please be aware that this product is currently being phased out and will be discontinued in September 2022.

The  D-Series Parking Garage  features advanced LED  optics specifically designed  for applications such as  parking decks with low  mounting heights to provide  light distribution and  effective security light levels.

  • The D-Series's diecast aluminium housing acts as its primary heat sink. Its longitudinal fins employ conductive cooling techniques to dissipate heat away from the key LED components and driver that extends the life of the luminaire.
  • Light engine(s) consist of either 20 or 30 high efficacy LEDs (subject to chosen configuration) mounted to a metal-core circuit board to maximize heat dissipation and promote long life.
  • DSX LED Parking Garage luminaire is engineered to maximise heat dissipation. The luminaires highperformance LEDs are mounted to a metal core board and attached to a die cast aluminium heat sink for effective conductive cooling.
  • Light engine(s) consist of 10 high efficacy LEDs that utilse conductive coolling to promote a LED module life that can be 100,000 + hrs at 20°C.
  • Delivering a three year payback when compared to equivalent flourescent luminaires and extending maintenance intervals.
  • Three precision-engineered optics created specifically for the parking garge application that deliver light exactly where it is needed.
  • Three hours emergency option available.
  • Integrated presence detector option available to dim the luminaire when area is unoccupied.




Two piece die-cast aluminium housing, that conforms to EN1706 AC-46500,

with integral heat sink fins to optimise thermal management through conductive and convective cooling. The LED drivers are mounted in direct contact with the casting to promote low operating temperature and long life.

Precision moulded acrylic lenses integrated onto an LED board that is IP65 and modular in design allowing for future light engine upgrades. Luminaire housing is completely sealed against moisture and environmental contaminants (IP65). Installation is via the mounting bracket that accommodates a variety of bezer box variants.

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Holophane’s history lies in it being the first company to give practical application to the principles of the prism as the ultimate means of light control, harnessing and redirecting the output of light source by prismatic means to provide the best in cost effective, efficient lighting.


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