Photometry Filter

Lumen (lm)Colour Temperature (K)DistributionIESBIM
703,0001 Lens
754,0001 Lens
8303,0001 Lens / 1 Opening
8654,0001 Lens / 1 Opening
7503,0001 Opening
7804,0001 Opening
1,0203,0001 Opening
1,0604,0001 Opening
1403,0002 Lenses
1454,0002 Lenses
1,5003,0002 Openings
1,5604,0002 Openings
2,0403,0002 Openings
2,1204,0002 Openings
2803,0004 Lenses
2904,0004 Lenses
2,4003,000Asymmetrical / Double Emission
2,5004,000Asymmetrical / Double Emission

Key Features

The purity of ONE is underlined by the absence of visible screws and wall mount which is totally hidden. It comes available with two and four windows that draw light cones on the wall.



1 Lens
1 Lens / 1 Opening
1 Opening
2 Lenses
2 Openings
4 Lenses
Asymmetrical / Double Emission


Body and closing flange made in corrosion resistant and painted die-cast aluminium. Protection with anodizing treatment, epoxy powder base coating and polyester painting. Nylon recessed box to be ordered separately.

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Holophane’s history lies in it being the first company to give practical application to the principles of the prism as the ultimate means of light control, harnessing and redirecting the output of light source by prismatic means to provide the best in cost effective, efficient lighting.


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